How to Partner with OTAs to Boost Hotel & Resort Bookings (and Attract More Guests to Your Website)

In today’s digital travel landscape, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) play a crucial role in connecting hotels and resorts with potential guests. As a hotelier, leveraging these platforms effectively can significantly increase your bookings and reach a wider audience. But how can you ensure your property stands out and attracts travelers through OTAs?

This blog post will explore key strategies to help you:

1. Optimize Your OTA Listings:

  • Compelling Description: Craft a captivating description that highlights your unique selling points, amenities, and local attractions. Use clear, concise language and target relevant keywords to improve search ranking within the OTA platform.
  • High-Quality Photos & Videos: Invest in professional photography and videography showcasing your property’s best features. Include diverse visuals of rooms, common areas, activities, and surrounding locations.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure all details like room types, rates, cancellation policies, and contact information are accurate and up-to-date across all OTAs you partner with.

2. Build Strong Relationships with OTA Market Managers:

  • Dedicated Contact: Establish a good working relationship with the OTA’s market manager assigned to your property. This allows for open communication, quicker problem resolution, and potential access to exclusive promotions or marketing opportunities.
  • Be Proactive: Regularly engage with your market manager, providing updates on special offers, packages, or events at your property. This keeps your brand top-of-mind and opens doors for future collaborations.

3. Leverage OTA Promotions and Programs:

  • Promotional Offers: Participate in targeted promotions or discounts offered by OTAs to attract specific guest segments or during low seasons. This can be a great way to increase bookings and brand awareness.
  • Loyalty Programs: Consider offering exclusive benefits or rewards to guests who book directly through your website after discovering your property on an OTA platform. This encourages repeat business and strengthens your direct booking channel.

4. Encourage Direct Bookings:

  • Competitive Rates: While offering competitive rates on OTAs is essential, consider providing slightly lower prices or exclusive packages on your website to incentivize direct bookings. This reduces commission costs and allows you to build a stronger relationship with your guests.
  • Website Call to Action: Clearly display a call to action on your website encouraging visitors to book directly. This could be a prominent “Book Now” button or a dedicated landing page highlighting the benefits of booking direct.

5. Monitor and Analyze OTA Performance:

  • Regular Review: Regularly analyze data provided by OTAs to understand guest demographics, booking trends, and revenue generated through each platform. This allows you to identify which OTAs are most effective and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Track Website Traffic: Utilize website analytics tools to track how many visitors arrive from OTAs and how many convert into direct bookings. This data helps you determine the effectiveness of your direct booking strategy alongside your OTA efforts.

By implementing these strategies, you can establish a strong partnership with OTAs, attract more guests to your property, and ultimately drive bookings through both direct and indirect channels. Remember, the key is to create a comprehensive strategy that utilizes the strengths of both OTAs and your own website to maximize your online presence and reach the right audience.

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